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Strategic Partnerships

The Wood Consultancy through association with well established reputable firms of Accountants, Solicitors and other Tax Professionals offer troubleshooting solutions in disputes between what seems to be target focused and sometimes intransigent tax officials. The Wood Consultancy offers an independent perspective and can view disputes with a fresh initiative, which often is all that is required to settle a dispute.

King & King Chartered Accountants

The Wood Consultancy works closely with King & King offering tax advice and experience to their already first class Accountancy service provided to their clients. Our Tax Partner acts on behalf of King and King and their clients in the most complex cases involving fraud and avoidance and also assists King & King clients with HMRC interventions and disclosures.

King and King Accountancy came across Walter Wood when he was with HMRC during several serious fraud investigations conducted under HMRC’s Code of Practice 9. King and King always found him to be extremely knowledgeable, a tough negotiator, but fair and transparent, approaching cases with an open mind and a willingness to compromise when appropriate.

Milan Patel, Managing Partner, King and King Accountants

When Walter retired from HMRC, we had no hesitation in seeking his services through The Wood Consultancy. The Strategic Partnership we have with The Wood Consultancy works well with Walter lending a fresh pair of eyes over client interventions of all types

Syd Kalinsky, Managing Partner, King and King Accountants

Walker Laird Solicitors

The Wood Consultancy, through their association with Walker Laird Solicitors can, in addition to the normal taxation services, offer an extended advice service, including expert advice and planning on any of the following: -

  • Asset Protection 
  • Tax Efficient Will Preparation
  • Trusts

The Wood Consultancy have assisted Walker Laird in several business projects including the functionality of our Executry Department where Inheritance Tax is a major issue.

The partnership with The Wood Consultancy enables Walker Laird to be confident that they are fulfilling all of their tax obligations while ensuring that their clients are benefiting from all of the tax advantages that they deserve.

The partnership also enables Walker Laird to offer clients a more complete service which includes the necessary legal, tax and financial advice.

Ronnie McGinlay, Managing Partner, Walker laird Solicitors

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