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Taxation Services

Our aim is to ensure you get every advantage that you deserve.

Understanding business and personal tax legislation can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. Legislation is constantly changing and HMRC are regularly adopting and developing new strategies to increase tax receipts.

In recent years, H M Revenue & Customs have been offering amnesties of varying degrees. The original Offshore Disclosure Facilities (ODF and NDO) were closely followed by the Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF). More recently the various UK dependency disclosure facilities for Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man have featured together with the new craze of ‘Trade and Business Campaigns’, used to unfairly extract disclosures from unrepresented innocent taxpayers, without evidence.

At the Wood Consultancy, we enable you to benefit fully from these facilities while feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that you are working with a firm that understands HMRC’s processes and controls to their fullest extent. With our experience and up to date knowledge we will assist you to ensure that you get it right and help you manage the process, securing the most advantageous terms possible for your disclosure.

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