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Reached an impasse with HMRC?     Heading for Tribunal?      Want to make a disclosure?

HMRC expertise

At The Wood Consultancy we specialise in dealing with HMRC in all tax interventions and investigations.

Our expertise is founded on over forty years Tax experience gained within various areas of Taxation and Compliance including twelve years in the HMRC’s investigative flagships of Specialist Investigations and Special Compliance Office.

At the Wood Consultancy our pedigree enables you to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you are working with a firm that understands HMRC processes and controls, to their fullest extent.

We can make the system work for you.

Our unparalleled knowledge and experience assists in identifying weaknesses in HMRC cases and presents alternative solutions to investigators, independent reviewers and/or advocates to negotiate settlement or even better, in some cases, to close down the investigation altogether.

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The Wood Consultancy

At The Wood Consultancy we create and shape Taxation and Business Management solutions for companies of all sizes. Each business has its own challenges to meet and its own position in the market to protect, each challenge demanding it’s own unique solution. At The Wood Consultancy we combine experience and expertise with the ability to innovate.

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