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HMRC Intervensions & Investigations

Reached an impasse? or Heading for Tribunal?

The Wood Consultancy offers a positive solution.

Our Tax Partner served as an Independent Reviewer and Tribunal Advocate in HMRC’s Specialist Investigations, dealing with the most complex tax investigations dealt by HMRC.

In his role as Tax Advocate, he enjoyed a 100% success rate in Tribunal cases, which clearly demonstrates his advocacy skills but more importantly, he was able to use his vast tax knowledge and risk assessment skills to reject cases going forward to Tribunal, by identifying cases which were either not ready for Tribunal or would benefit from negotiations or HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution.

At The Wood Consultancy, we now utilise those skills, identifying weaknesses in HMRC’s case and presenting an alternative way forward to investigators, independent reviewers and/or advocates to negotiate a settlement or, even better in some cases, to close their investigations altogether.

Consultation and support in any of the following areas:

  • VAT Assurance visits
  • PAYE Enquiries
  • Status Enquiries
  • S9A & Para 24 Enquiries
  • Code of Practice 8 Investigations
  • Code of Practice 9 Investigations
  • Tribunal Tax Advocacy

King and King Testimonial

King and King Accountancy came across Walter Wood when he was with HMRC during several serious fraud investigations conducted under HMRC’s Code of Practice 9. King and King always found him to be extremely knowledgeable, a tough negotiator, but fair and transparent, approaching cases with an open mind and a willingness to compromise when appropriate.

After Walter retired from HMRC we had no hesitation in seeking his services through The Wood Consultancy. The Strategic Partnership we have with The Wood Consultancy works well with Walter lending a fresh pair of eyes over client interventions of all types.

Syd Kalinsky and Milan Patel, Managing Directors, King and King Accountants

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Tax Partner

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