About Us

Walter Wood is the Tax Partner of The Wood Consultancy and has more than forty two years tax experience in various areas of taxation and compliance, including twelve years serving in HMRC’s investigative flagships, Specialist Investigations and Special Compliance Office.

He served as an HMRC Tax Advocate in Specialist Investigations, representing HMRC, very successfully, in some of the most complex tax avoidance and tax frauds committed in the UK. The Wood Consultancy uses the experience and intense training he received during his career, to ensure a fair deal for clients.

In most cases, The Wood Consultancy, using all of that skill and knowledge, are able to settle disputes and reach agreement with HMRC, long before reaching litigation. However, clients have the comfort, that if no fairness is to be had, The Wood Consultancy will be there to represent them in the litigation process, while helping them to put their taxation affairs in order, on a compliant footing for the future.

Fees and Costs

You will find us to be flexible in our approach to costs and while our fees are primarily based on time spent at an hourly rate, in larger more complex cases, if possible, we will agree a fixed fee for any assignment, so you will know exactly where you stand.

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